Who I am


I'm a middle manager in a decent sized company. I have worked in multiple Fortune 500 companies and have finished my Masters from quite a decent university in the US. 

I ran a tech startup for about 2 years which was a very grueling but an awesome experience. 

I have a number of hobbies, and mastery in none. They range from water sports to outdoor sports to reading and movies. 

I have been curious about human psychology and am amazed with the amount of lack of original thoughts which are out there collectively. Group thinking is much more common than doing what you want. 

Most importantly, I love my family which consists of my father, mother, sister, wife and the most intelligent toddler there is. 

Why I do this

I like to read. Not as much as one of your average high performer you might read about, but still a little bit. And I usually find myself filled with lists, morning routines, night routines, planners, weekly planners, daily planners and even yearly planners to ensure that I push myself to the limits.


All business management books are basically targetted to do everything right and go after it and win the world. All personal development books are targeted towards unleashing your inner power and to follow passion and to be great and the most popular so you can live in the biggest mansions without having to work at all and surrounded by the most gorgeous people who will also be nice.


Not saying that the 'high powered having everything life' doesn't exist. All the celebrities and achievers in their profession might be getting this life, or not, or something. But the point is, and which has taken me by surprise that how come all of us are made to feel guilty in case we don't achieve that ambitious life to have it all. Why are there so much content via books, digital etc which only talks about to slog your a** off and be no 1, and feel guilty if you are not able to make it. Everyone knows that there can only be '1' number 1 right? So should all the others feel guilty if they are not that person? Is that the only way to lead a fulfilling life? 

I personally don't want to. I want to ensure that I am a little above average, that I am giving just enough to ensure I dont get fired, and that I get promoted when the time comes. Not sooner and not every year. 

I want that I get enough money and enough time to do my own things - spend time with my family, spend time on my hobbies, spend time on talking on phone with my parents and friends. Spend time to just laze around. Spend time to waste time. Because, one thing I know which no book needs to tell me, I can buy the biggest house, and the biggest most adventurous vacation, and buy the most amazing looks, but never ever will I ever be able to buy more time. And is the 'purpose of life' the biggest question there is, to only spend all your time trying to achieve something? Does 'Not achieving' have no value at all? 

I say there should be. Importance should be given to time to waste. Importance should be given to not being productive also. Above averageness SHOULD BE CELEBRATED.

Hence, this is an attempt to achieve a narrative, initially to see if there is anyone who thinks along the same line. If there are, it will be great if we can share articles, tip and tricks or general thoughts on how to cruise through life, without a lot of stress. Life includes work, managing time, managing relationships, managing hobbies, and managing your state of mind.

Is there anyone there who thinks the same?


What I can do for you

I would love to hear from you. If great minds think alike, I am quite certain that above average minds may think alike as well. Hence, collectively, lets be heard. Lets see what is out there in todays day and age of crowdsourcing. Lets come out with different tips and tricks to stay afloat in a stylish manner.  So please send me your articles and I will publish them, hoping to be heard and celebrated together.