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Have you been trying too hard to achieve things? Has it been worth it? Ever thought about taking....

Have you been trying too hard to achieve things? Has it been worth it? Ever thought about taking a pause to introspect!

I feel most of the life is just spend either in working hard, or wishing to work hard. Most of the time in our lives, we are busy trying to achieve things and we stop at anything unless we get what we want. Or, we want something and feel bad that we are not working hard enough to achieve it. The irony is, almost 100% of the times, as soon as we achieve one thing, our quest for the next thing starts almost immediately, and the hard work, or the intent for the hard work starts again. This is the trend for the people who know what they want. Other people are either working hard, or trying to work hard for a thing they don’t even know yet. Now don’t get me wrong, working hard is not necessarily wrong or worthless and I am definitely not suggesting that we shouldn’t, all I am trying to put light to is that working hard is not necessarily the solutions to all your problems. Working hard may get you the thing that you want, but it in NO ways, will it ever guarantee you happiness, or success for that matter.

Our forefathers and the celebrities today are constantly bombarding us with so many things to do, they made stories to just show us how important it is to work hard. I am sure that you have come across one of those ‘28 ways to achieve everything in your life’ posts, and pretty much all it boils down to is working your butt off. On top of working hard, their tips and tricks are imbedded with things to do lists, right from the time you wake up, things that you eat till the time you go to bed.

Getting more busy and losing yourself in the process

My entire point is only this – do we really need to achieve everything? Do we really need to be the best, and get it all? Can we not be happy with what we already have? Can we not just keep running, but take a pause, and see things around? In fact, you would agree that not overdoing things, and taking enough breaks will open up so many opportunities that you could only think with an open mind. Does it not happen that sometimes, when you are trying to remember something, or working towards solving something, a quick break almost always acts as an epiphany moment for that instance? Can you not do it for everything in life – work, parenting, schooling etc. Sure, this approach will not perhaps make you the next steve jobs, but from what I know from his book and movies, the guy did not exactly lead an idea life. His life was filled with problems and constant turmoil, at work and at the personal front.

Now the question is, what can we do to take this approach in our lives? It is obviously not possible to unlearn the way we have handled all our lives overnight, but we can certainly make some efforts, or in this case, the lack of efforts, can’t we?

So, whats the secret? How do you solve it?

Take the wheel yourself

You need to know what you want. And doesn’t matter what stage in life you are in. If youre a student, you need to know what kind of grades will you be happy with. If a worker, need to know how important is the promotion for you this year. And do NOT focus on more than 2 goals every quarter. 2 is the magic number. That’s it. Just focus on working on 2 things, and that’s it. If you finish your goals in less than the time, enjoy. Watch movies, eat pizza.

You will also realize that you will actually get more done. With this approach, you will realize that most importantly, you will prioritize better. Secondly, you will track goals you actually want to finish. So instead of thinking of 15 things at a time, you end up prioritizing, doing less and focus more. And before you know it, you would have completed 8 goals within a year. Doesn’t that sound absolutely great?

Not knowing what you want is like driving a car without knowing where you want to get to. Also, once on a drive, it will be quite worthwile if you don’t have 1 or 2 main strong destinations. Having multiple stops, or destinations will not let you focus your time in any of the stops you make.

Do less, and take breaks along the way. Believe it or not, it is the root cause of every problem. That’s the reason we are ready to become a part of the rat-race without even knowing where it is taking us. We are ready to give in to the run of the mill life and stop appreciating the beauty in the small things. This planet has given us life and it has given us many things through which we can make our life better. You do not always have to follow a great leader to be successful, you just need to know if it is worth making gargantuan efforts.


As stated earlier, this post is not directed towards achieving the lifestyle you want, but to help you realize what you already have and to navigate easily. This is not a usual self help post which will help you determine passion and lets you live as if each day was your last (living that way will be so valueless and pointless).

This post is for those who realize that a long term contentment is higher priority than short term happiness. That more value lies probably in spending more time with family/ hobbies/ and doing the things you love instead of going for the next promotion. And those who realized that its ok to waste time.

Your liking will be yours, unique.

Hence, focus on only 2 goals every quarter, and be happy.

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