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How to prioritize everything and take it easy..

How do you prioritize everything when everything is super critical and non negotiable. This is very real and common problem faced by everyone, irrespective of their age. Prioritizing between school, extra curricular, social activities, relationships and personal development for a student. Prioritizing between office, kids, wife, folks back home and friends and personal self.

There is not one specific vertical which is less critical. Working hard, office or school, is something that defines someone and gives them purpose. Relationships, with spouse, kids or friends is what brings flavor to someones otherwise single lane life. To top it, personal self is something which holds somewhat of a closure of a reason why people live, and the pursuit of a reason how humans differ from animals.

Enjoying the smaller things is the biggest enjoyment

Guiding principles of our blogs are no lists, and not bombarding the readers with 10 other things to remember. Also, another very important principle guiding this blog is that the end goal is to strive for above averageness, and not to focus on achieving the best in everything you possibly can because we don't that think that stage exists. Basically, this blog is focused on enjoying the journey more than the destination.

Hence, based on the research, I am going to tell you only 1 thing, ONLY 1 thing to do, once a week which will help you prioritize every important aspect of your life. No lists, no planners, no reminders. Just one thing to remember and do once a week.

Every sunday, dedicate 20 minutes of your time to list down activities you want to do in the following 3 buckets :

1. Personal

2. Relationship

3. Work

Ensure that you don't include more than 2 things (max to max 3) within each bucket. Come next Sunday, just tick off the things you completed, and make the new list for the upcoming week.

Thats it. That is really it. This will help you with the following things:

- Enable you to identify and internally priority the things you actually care about. This is important to follow the Paretos principle, that 80% of the results come from 20% of efforts. Hence knowing and prioritizing only the top things will help you achieve more.

- Carefully articulate your priorities equally between the 3 most important bucket there are which will lead to a more contentful life

- Listing down lesser things will give you a better incentive to complete the identified things. Even if you write 1 thing in every bucket once a week, you will have 4 to 5 things completed in a month that you were putting on hold because they got mixed between many other things which were not important to start with.

Examples of lists:

This is for your perusal. Imagination is key. And remember, you need to have fun with this. I have been following this practice with some family and friends and following are excerpts from some of them:

Example 1

Week 1 :

Personal -

1. Need to play football on friday

2. Need to meditate on Tuesday and Thursday for 5 min


1. Call mom on Wednesday

2. Call dad on Saturday

Work -

1. Need to roll out the RFT to the vendors by Thursday.

Week 2 :

Personal -

1. Need to learn and cook one Italian dish on Saturday afternoon

Relationship -

1. I book the restaurant xyzzy for a date night with the wife

Work -

1. Finish the closure report by Wednesday.

Conclusion -

There are no right or wrong answers. You know yourself best. The idea is to prioritize things which are important, and focus on achieving only those. This will free up a lot of your time and will help you achieve much more than what you are achieving today.

If things are not making it to this list, they were not important enough.


Do let me know your thoughts. This experiment has worked really well with some people I am personally involved with. Would love to hear if there are any suggestions, edits on the list.

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