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Let calmness steer your mind and see the miracles…

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened

~ Mark Twain

Busy is the new fashion. From a clerk, to a manager, to a receptionist to executive management, everyone is super busy. Sometimes they don’t have time to eat their lunch, and everyone carries a crazy calendar. Everyone in a corporate organization (most of the workforce), from HR, Legal, Maintenance, IT, everyone. And this is just during the working hours. Combined with the added schedules of home – wife, husband, kids, parents, oh my god, god really has been excessively unjust to provide only 24 hours in a day.

Busy is the new fashion

Or does this phenomena of constant busyness exist because of something else? Can it be a byproduct of consumerism that you always want more, and not only materialistic things, but we want more of everything. Think about it, today, everything is easily available. Through the mails, chats, mobile phones with increasing batteries every year, everything is so much easier to get to. It is easy to isolate the materialistic tangible things such as iphones, clothes etc, and the need for them want more, but what if we are controlled by the same phenomenon in the more minute details of everyday lives, such as constant engagement, constant dopamine rush, a constant requirement of something more, all the time. This is called something, overindulgence perhaps? Our society today has developed a nature of constant over indulgence in all aspects of everything it does. And due to this overindulgence, when we have a constant need to tap in from the abundance all around us, comes the unnecessary busyness that we create for ourselves.

This is the era of consumerism and every minute, we are being pitched to buy something, talk to someone or do something. Now, don’t get me wrong, it really feels good when you have an upgraded version of a phone or new furniture or a gaming console, or the fact that you have a busy calendar attending numerous meetings, but do they give you the feeling of perpetual contentment? We must know there is a huge difference between happiness and contentment.

Sleep over this question of whether most of your actions in a day focus on momentary happiness or perpetual contentment and we bet that you will find that more than 90% of actions you do everyday is to strive for momentary happiness. That’s because the pursuit of things, materialistic and otherwise, takes you nowhere and they just keep you going in a circle. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re only human. You cannot achieve it all, and cannot have it all. So if you cannot possible achieve everything, or have everything, does it not make sense to take things a little slow, chill and be driven be calmness?

Make more free time by doing less and introspect

Rule #1

Do less and introspect.

Now we know that its much easier said than done. There is a different way of seeing this too, and it is correct, that it is a viable argument to say that this is how the cycle of life is supposed to work. You keep pursuing a goal, you achieve it and there is another one and this whole thing is keeping our economy growing and ourselves employed.

Because each one of us is a consumer to someone and you cannot totally relinquish all the material things, cannot let go of daily commitments and proceed to live in a mountain like a hermit. You definitely need more than just the basics to live a decent life and what is the harm if you desire something more? After all, we are humans beings and it is the desire that helped us create societies, nations, and cultures. If we all give up our desires, we would most probably usher the humankind to its voluntary extinction.

So you definitely need a new phone and things that make your life better, but there is just one thing that you need to keep in mind. You need to stop overdoing and take things a little less seriously so that you have more time to introspect yourself. It also helps you achieve the most efficient results when you are competing with many others towards a common objective. This approach towards life keeps you motivated all the time and it lets you think about new initiatives that could bring more positivity. It’s like when you used to prepare for final exams, if you remember, revising all the content was the most crucial activity for preparation as it gave you a time to introspect so that you could know what your state was and then prioritize only the important things. That is the same principal you need to apply to your everyday lives, do less, introspect, and you would see wonders for yourself.

Hence, Rule #1 is to do less and introspect.

Rule #2

Think Positive.

Try and think positive

Think positive, or strive to think positive. When you are in a positive frame of mind, there is nothing that can make you dejected no matter how many failures or rejections you go through. The important thing is, you learn something from the failures and work on those shortcomings in your next ventures, if you follow Rule #1 and give time to introspect yourself. This is the mantra for achieving more and this is how you can achieve a better outcome for every single task. Now thinking innately positive is not a very natural notion, it is actually the opposite.

Most of the time, we get negative thoughts and try to push ourselves to the extreme so we could ensure that there is absolutely no mistake in taking precautions. This disposition of the human mind definitely keeps us safeguarded against various unpredictable situations, but it also happens to be the root cause of all the insecurities. Think about it, if you focus more on the things at hand constantly, and have a negative attitude towards that, not only is your brain occupied more, but you are also creating a stressful environment for yourself which makes it really hard to do the tasks at hand.


Its a really simple life. And if you notice, we only have one each. Just following the 2 simple rules above will gurantee you a more fulfilling and a content life.

So whenever you are faced with any tasks, or need to make a decision, rely on the above 2 mentioned rules and we promise, within no time, you will realize how truly wonderful life really is..

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