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Living longer is actually easy... any takers

Be aimless to find yourself

Stress, cash, debt, career, health, weight loss, look good, love, relations, work, those messy workers are work, all this is so overly abundant in our day to day lives. And no wonder the rate of heart attacks are increasing. I vouch everyone knows one person personally at least who died of a heart attack, untimely.

We have definitely grown in our material comfort, no questions, but are we actually 'happier' than someone who was living in the 15th century? As technology and quality of life improves, does our level of contentment, satisfaction, value also increases?

If not, is it not really really sad? Is that what its not all about? How can we have stress as such a big part of our lifestyle?

Increase your life span. Please. Following are certain steps which might help you look at it:

1. Don't cut anything out -

moderation is the key. You like food, tv, exercise, just ensure that you do whatever it is that you do moderately. Thats all. Genius lies in knowing where to stop. So if you want to work on something, knowing when to stop will be it

2. Envy is useless, really -

Have you heard about the law of average? That everyone by the end of their lives averages out. Some have better relationships, some have more money and some have better health. In the end, when we are nonchalantly cease to exist, we will find out that we will evenly be able to compare with everyone out there. If this is true, and it does make sense to me at some level, being envious right now is really pointless. In life, firstly, there is no race. Hence, if you look around your peers, you will realize some have something going on or the other.

3. Start listening to your body -

How many of us know the sudden untimely incidents that end up in a life altering event in someones life. Chances are, they were ducking some subtle signs of the body for way to long. If you want to sleep, sleep. If you want to take a day off and relax, do that. The key to all success, achievement in life is only one, persistent. Persistence comes from pacing it out.

4. Waste time -

Really, waste it. Do nothing. At least once a week, not doing anything with your family will count for much more than dying to spend one quality hour with them. Most of the times, nothingness hides an element of quality.

List is pretty huge. It should include laughing, meditation, food among many others. However, you know your body and your life best. Think of yourself as a car. The more you speed your car, sooner the tires and the engine runs out. Instead of using the car to reach your destination faster, ensure that you use your car to take long drives with the music you like, to visit places aimlessly. You will appreciate the car much more, and if possible, the car will appreciate your much more.

Hence, just let it be. This world will go on, as it is, with or without you. You are given a blip of a second (figuratively speaking) to see what is all around. Do the things you like, and suddenly you will be surrounded by the things you like.

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