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Please, stop being busy and start wasting time

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Busy is the new trend. Do you really have to be so busy. Really? If you ask yourself, you may have had a very busy 2018, don't know where the time went, but did you really even end up spending 30% of your valuable limited time doing the things you wanted? If not, what was it you were doing?

Wake up! Theres beauty around

This post is not for maximizing your focus and achieve everything in life. Nor will this post intend to make you live on a beach on Hawaii while there is million of dollars coming in while you are surrounded by beautiful people. Those posts are covered in the multitudes of self help posts which are already out there.

One thing which is indisputable is that time is limited. So the question is are you concisely spending this limited, non negotiable limit of time in doing the things you like/ or want to do? Ok, are you able to spend 50% of time just to do what you want? Or even 30%. If the answer is no, don't you think there is something fundamentally off with this equation.

Of course you are not stupid, and of course you are busy so that you are able to support your and your family with everything which will make you and them happy. But what if you already have what you need to do the things you want? What if you might be stressing to achieve something which might not be required in the long run. Do you do this assessment enough? Have you done this assessment of your needs vs your status even once?

You might be surrounded by your wife/ husband, who may be nagging of course, but that comes with the nature, kids who don't give you single second of your time, but are really the most lovely creatures there could ever be.

Did you ever wonder to think that you actually might have the perfect life for you. You might not be a millionaire, but really, how many 'Happy' millionaires do you know personally? Don't you think they have their own humongous problems?

“You might already be successful. You just don't know it yet”

You might not have your dream car, or dream body, but ask yourself, do you not already have many things to be thankful for? Is life really that bad? If it is not, then please spend some time with yourself. Go watch a movie, lay like a slob and don't do anything and don't feel guilty about it.

How can so many of us, who have a decent roof on our heads, are NOT able to afford time with your family. The time you spend with yourself, on yourself, doing the things you want to do is so so much more rewarding than always being in the constant zone of acquiring/ achieving.

A lot of Hindu philosophers believe that being in the present, being conscious about your surroundings is to know what life is all about. Now, I don't about any of that, but I do know that life is very short.

I have personally witnessed deaths which were very abrupt. I know what loss is, and also the true definition of ceasing to exist once you are not there.

Hope this does not get misconstrued as to 'live each day as if it is your last'. My point is, what if, just what if, that day is Not your last. In fact, I promise that every living person will live each day with a more than 99% probability that a specific day will Not be his last day.

The concept of happiness is a myth. As very rightly said in the movie 'Pursuit of Happiness' - Happiness can only be pursued but not achieved. Achieving only transcends your wants to achieve something else.

Hence, the need to focus is on building value. Value of relationships, value of skills, value of your life.

The point is, time is limited. Hence do what you want with it - waste it, spend time with people, watch movies. Do what you like, irrespective if its productive or not. I promise, you will not regret it when the time comes.

So how do you ensure that you have the constant realization of that you have enough already and to be happy with what you have? In todays age of constant lists, reminders, calendars, I hate long steps so I will try to consolidate :

1. Right 1 thing everyday of which you are happy about. It can be something very trivial like a good burger you had, a bus that came right on time, you actually reached earlier than time, or something big. Just record one good thing that happened to you. Trust me, in 1 month, you will have a list of at least 30 things which made you smile a bit.

2. Value time with friends / family. Ensure quantatity is valued lesser than quality. Invest in relations that you think will grow exponentially. its ok to have only 1 friend, but ensure that friendship grows exponentially

3. Breathe - almost everything, every situation can be handled if you just remember to breathe

Please, create the life that you want, not someone else


Law of average -

Everyone is bound by the law of average in the end, which means, towards the end of their life, life averages out. Some have more money, some have more love, some have more health.

Life is short, and in almost the people I have met, they have much more than they need. Ensure you stop with what you are doing, watch movies, eat, and do more things you love than the doing the things you don't absolutely love. You will all die the same in the end!

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