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Thoughts on how to take it easy sometimes...

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Have you every been to an 'ashram'? Or do you know anyone who lives in one?

Now personally, I don't know how can they manage living without any sort of indulgences in terms of food, entertainment within day to day life. Is there even a point to life if not living for those moments?

However, the good thing about their lifestyle is their health. Everyone looks young, active, more polite and full of positive vibes just oozing out.

The more years they add are generally attributed to 2 factors - food they eat and the stress they come across on a daily basis.

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For food, just keep it simple. Have the food you had while you were growing up (irrespective if it had wheat, corn, ghee, butter etc) because thats what your individual body is accustomed to. And eat in proportion. Ideally, there should be 2 meals, but 3 is fine as well... but mainly in proportion.

So even though food habits and weight reduction is a more than a $7billion industry and I am sure it is very useful as well, the basics, the essential things you need to follow is just eat in moderation, reduce the number of meals and eat what your body is used to.

Of all the diets which are out there (there seems to be a new diet inception around every 6 months), and in the world of lists and ever increasing things to remember, do yourself a favor and stick to the basics.

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For stress, which is more important, following are some simple pointers to follow :

  1. Sleep - Most adults need 7 hours of sleep. Period. Don't comprimise on this irrespective of the things you want to accomplish

  2. Don't overwork - Find yourself a routine and try to get good dedicated 6 hours of work. That will suffice for more than 80% of the scenarios. Trust me!

  3. No TV or phone - Ok, I know this sounds impossible. Getting rid of TV is not difficult. There is nothing on it anyways. Try and limit the use of your phone once you come back to the house. Usually, you would realize that once you have spent too much time on your phone (usually brainless surfing), you don't actually feel more relaxed but feel a little terrible. So, basically, don't fret it. Lose the TV, get a chromecast if the kids really need it, and ditch the cable for sure. And try and limit the phone usage. Be sane about it

  4. Dont fret the future - Of course, it is easier said than done. Of course. But the #1 way you can reduce stress in your life is to reduce thinking about the future. I can absolutely vouch, that whoever you are, where you may be reading this, life did not happen at all as you had planned it. And it never will. Hence, just try and remember this the next time you start overthinking about kids, job, or whatever it is that takes your mind away.

In the end, don't try to remember 10 different ways and track every little thing in order to reduce stress. That as you may perceive will be a little counterintuitive. Stress at the end of the day is not bad. 0 stress may cause many things not getting done as well.

But the entire point is that life is good. It really is. So ensure that you take time to look around, be grateful more than you stress for things you want to achieve.

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