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Want a better role/ Job : It’s all about connections

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

All great men, have a great talent of being at the right place at the right time...

Albert Einstein, Arnold Swachnegger, Rocky - Any one and everyone who has worked hard also needed to be at the right place at the right time.

A guy sitting somewhere in the sahara desert, might be the best actor in the world, but in order for his talent to get recognized, he will need to be in a place where his talent find right opportunities, and where the chances of him stumbling upon people within the desired industry is much higher.

Continuing on that example, a guy with lesser acting skills will have higher chances to gain more success that our egyptian friend only because of his place. Now having said that, of course, not every guy living in LA, near hollywood is a successful actor.

The point is, you need to improve the chances of being found and recognized. And the only way you can do that, is by being at the right place and right time by 'Design'

“Instead of focusing on work and ensuring more work, your thought should focus on always improving your success for being at the right place at the right place”

Taking one step at a time, freely

So how do you ensure the same

Following are some points which may help you in increasing your success.

Todays hidden skill is not to be nice, honest... not that they don't help, but the biggest skill is to taking advantage of opportunities.

1. Identify with whom you want to connect :

Identify some leaders who you want to get in touch with

You can identify guys either in your existing corporate or through linked in. Mostly, affluent people have one thing in common, all of them play some sort of sports. Mostly its golf. The older you get, the smaller the balls get. Hence, enroll yourself in one of the most affluent

2. Identify likely common places

You will need to stay alert and stay super active. You will arrive at the place when you go there enough. Hence, make yourself available in all office get togethers including corporate events, go away parties, happy hours.

Try and see if you can spot any interests/ hobbies for these leaders - If you can be a part of their hobby, such as running, golf, tennis etc, nothing like it. Otherwise, try and get a project which you think will get you the highest visibility to them.

3. Connect on linkedIn -

Linkedin has definitely resulted in a world closer in the professional world. The first initiation to the contacts you have identified can be in linkedIn. Start actively listening on linkedin. This perhaps will be one of the best ways you can connect with them in the least invigorating way possible. Follow their posts, comment if they post something. And if luck will have it, sooner or later, you will run into them and guess what, you will have something to initiate the conversation about.

4. Do things out of the norm -

If in a corporate setting, know that your normal day to day job will NOT make you stand out. If you don't want to stand out, it is fine. But in order to gain some mileage for being able to take breaks when you want, ensure you are actively participating in the co curricular. It can be within internal events. You can host a competition, a get together or as simple as happy hours.

Doing thing outisde, even if you plan once every couple of months will give you enough mileage to be noticed, but not too much.

Get Inspired

At the end of the day, just ensure that you know what it is that you need. And the best part is, what you need is not all that difficult to get. Dont go crazy in determining 5 different checklists, ensuring completing every task and marking your sense of accomplishment based on the completion of those tasks. Know that your actual work will probably count up to 25-30% in ensuring you dont get fired when push comes to shove and specially when it comes to get a promotion. You will work and work till the time you become super expensive only to be replaced by someone younger who can finish your work in half the cost. Traditional approaches for success ensured success in traditional times.

Working smart plays a much more critical role than any other thing... Wake up!

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